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“This versatile product is a miracle balm that hit the British beauty market only last year! If you, like us, tend to have to fumble around in the bottom of your bag to find the various products you need then stop right there… #LipGlam have managed to put everything into one multi-tasker, and we love it!” –

The Miracle Lip Product is “For deep, long-lasting hydration”. #MiracleLip #Lipglam

LIPGLAM is the best lip balm for dry lips, the best lip moisturiser, great for chapped lips, used as a natural highlighter, cuticle cream, all-natural, lanolin lip balm! ~ Natural Skincare ~ British Skincare ~ Skincare for Dry Skin ~ Dry Skin ~ Oily Skin ~ Reviews ~ Lip Plumper ~ #Bblogger


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