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LipGlam is a small company on a mission to spread the word about natural beauty products.

We think that beauty products should be simple and natural, so we decided to do something about it and in 2014 we launched LipGlam, our signature all-natural lanolin lip balm. We believe that natural goodness and real beauty go hand in hand. Instead of relying on complex synthetic products, we want to promote simple beauty products that empower your inner glam. Our lip balms reflect our eco-friendly ethos and business practices.

Here at LipGlam, we are committed to bringing you the best natural beauty products. Beauty products that combine high-quality natural ingredients with easy glamour. That are easy to use and work with your skin to reveal healthy beauty that just shines through. We aim to expand our product range to bring you more natural beauty gems and spread the word that natural glamour comes from within!


the LipGlam Team x