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#LipGlam debuted the Black Beauty Sensationnel Hair Awards. Free samples for attendees went down a treat. #Lipglam is a great transparent balm making it suitable for all skin tones.  It can be great for everything from taming fly aways to moisturising elbows.

SpellMagazine covered the awards and said this about lipglam “WHAT MAKES IT A MUST-HAVE
Giving you more bang for your buck, #LipGlam can also be used to smooth out the kinks during various stages of your beauty regime. Fresh out of makeup primer? No problem – use this multi-purpose product to polish your brows and prepare lips and lashes for flawless makeup application. Oh, and did we mention that this trusty tube also remedies dry patches, doubles up as a cuticle ointment and can even be used to strengthen against split ends? Not too shabby, eh?”

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B traits uses lipGlam


DJ B Traits uses #LIPGLAM, late nights working hard can cause dry skin and dry lips. But look what great condition DJ B Traits lips are in. She sent this photo to us with her trademark smiley face hand tattoo.  The best lip balm for chapped lips. The best lip balm for dry lips. And now the best lip balm for DJs! I wonder if she uses it as a cuticle cream too because her nails look great!btraitspress1[1]