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IMG_6487The beautiful Kushal at Kushal Beauty loves LIPGLAM.

“I have tried pretty much every single lip balm out there. This product has blown every single lip balm that I have tried away, and that is the LIPGLAM … This stuff is incredible. It says on here it lasts up to 8 hours and I actually think that is very true.”

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“This versatile product is a miracle balm that hit the British beauty market only last year! If you, like us, tend to have to fumble around in the bottom of your bag to find the various products you need then stop right there… #LipGlam have managed to put everything into one multi-tasker, and we love it!” –

The Miracle Lip Product is “For deep, long-lasting hydration”. #MiracleLip #Lipglam

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#LIPGLAM featured in the March edition of Vouge. Gisele Bundchen graces the cover with a beautiful dewy glow. To recreate the look dab a small amount of LIPGLAM onto the high points of your face as highlighter!  Vouge called #LIPGLAM a truely multi-tasking lip balm, cuticle cream, brow balm, lipstick primer, split end smoother and dryness reliever!  The March edition of Vouge is availabe now in stores and contains a special offer and discount code for #LIPGLAM. Great to get the product out there in such a well known fashion magazine. From January to June 2014 Vouge received 1,148,000 readership!

Vogue march 2015

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#LIPGLAM, the best lip balm / cuticle cream / split end repair / lip primer and so much more! featured in The Sun with its 12.1m weekly readers and a 2.8m social media footprint we are proud to bring #LIPGLAM to The Sun readers! What a way to celebrate our launch!

#LIPGLAM also featured in The Mail On Sunday with 5,787,000 total adult readership.  Recommended as a celebrity makeup artist makeup tip! ~ #LIPGLAM THE BEST LIP MOISTURISER #MIRACLELIP

The Sun on Sunday

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BeautyScribbler @ raves about lanolin lipbalms. Quotes from her review: “I was pleased to see a new lanolin product on the market from #LipGlam. Lanolin really is the only lip balm worth using.”

“It has a thick, smooth, translucent, yellow appearance, and softens at skin temperature, not too dissimilar from petroleum jelly (but performs completely differently and is so much better).

I like that #LipGlam comes with a slanted tip that makes it easy to apply as a lip balm. As lanolin is such a multipurpose product and not just a lip balm, product packaging often comes with a plain squeezey tube hole which means you have to put the lanolin on your finger before applying to lips… not really hygienic when you’re out and about.” Read the full review HERE. Buy #LIPGLAM HERE.


#Lipglam was a ‘must have’ product for TheClothesMaiden @
“fast-acting lip balm delivers instant dryness relief and 8-hour moisture, while restoring your skin’s natural defences. We would also recommend using an old toothbrush with a little lip balm in order to remove any dead skin and this is something that also makes your lips look plumper.”  Read the full review HEREBuy #LIPGLAM HERE.


weleda-pomegranate-creamy-body-wash-and-lipglam-natural-lanolin-lip-balm-1024x719[1]Beauty Blogger Sisterex @ (provided above photo) reviewed #LipGlam and said: “ecstatic to finally see an actual lip balm made with lanolin. …it was just perfect. Absolutely perfect. Technically, it’s a multi-purpose product, but I’m keeping this for my lips and the occasional bit of chafing.” Read the full review HEREBuy #LIPGLAM HERE.



Beauty Blogger Cashmereofcourse @ said “I love the packaging of the lip balm and I love the actual product itself its very effective.” Read the full review HEREBuy #LIPGLAM HERE.



Cluttered Closet @ said: “this is a new brand that has launched in the UK so its nice to see it included in the Birchbox so people can hear a little more about it. This fast acting lip balm delivers moisture to your lips by using 100% natural ingredients. It is supposed to have sorted out 40% of your lips issues within a few hours as it contains high levels of lanolin. This was one of the more exciting products in the box and it is full size so yay!” Read the full review HERE.Buy #LIPGLAM HERE.



NorthernBlush @ was most excited about #Lipglam the best lip balm for dry lips. She said “this balm instantly soothes dry lips and has a multitude of uses” Read the full review HERE.